Dillon Ryan & the Dream Romantic are an infectiously talented and refreshingly distinctive new wave band from the East Coast of Canada. The band is authentically breathing new life into the underexplored genres of new wave, goth and post punk. Their inspiration from the Smiths, Echo & Bunnymen and the Cure is marvelously palpable in their material yet their work remains completely fresh. Their hauntingly melodic landscapes swallow you into a cinematic gothic universe. It's soothing yet scary and you just can't get enough.

The perpetually evolving artist shows no signs of slowing down. It is clear he was born to play music and that trajectory has led him down an illustrious path. Dillon Ryan & The Dream Romantic weave melodic lullabies and gothic ballads that cling to listeners. Their poetic songwriting paired with a beautifully melancholic sonic landscape is an enthralling void to lose yourself to. In a world oversaturated with pathological positivity it's exciting to hear such an emotionally generous band. Their music somehow makes you want to dance and cry at the same time, it's a rare and honest dichotomy.

© Dillon Ryan & The Dream Romantic